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School Accountability Report Card

Here is the information for the school accountability report card

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School Report Card

Free SAT Prep

1) Visit This takes you to Khan Academy, where you should create an account.

2) Link Your Accounts When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts

3) Send Your Test Results  At College Board, sign in or create an account and hit "Send" to send your test results to Khan Academy


Sign up. Link up. Get practicing.


Tim Gilmore has made claims that he runs and operates the LB Poly Alumni Association and the LB Poly Alumni and Community Association in order to raise funds for various purposes to benefit LB Poly and its students.  Be advised that Tim Gilmore does not operate with LBUSD Board approval as required by California Education Code section 51521.  His relationship with the LB Poly Alumni Association was terminated in 2012, but for years after that, he continued to tell people that he was the President of the LB Poly Alumni Association.  More recently, he tells unwary potential donors that he is the President of the LB Poly High Scholars and Champions Alumni Association or sometimes the LB Poly Football Players Association or sometimes the SAC/PFA.  To date, Tim Gilmore and the older associations have given extremely small amounts to Poly.  Those contributions have been small and sporadic with years going by between them.  His new associations have given nothing to Poly.  Tim Gilmore is not an alumnus of LB Poly High School and is not the president of the LB Poly Alumni Association.  He does not work with the Poly administration, plays no role in helping Poly with any of its programs.  The LBUSD strongly advises against making any charitable contributions through these organizations or through him.”


Saturday, January 21, 2017

  • SAT Exam

Monday, January 23, 2017 (Regular Schedule/GREEN)

  • Period 8 Final 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 (Finals Schedule)

  • 7:50AM - 10:05AM: Period 1 Final
  • 10:05AM - 10:15AM: Nutrition
  • 10:25AM - 12:40AM: Period 2/7 Final
  • 12:40PM - 1:10PM: Lunch

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 (Finals Schedule)

  • 7:50AM - 10:05AM: Period 3/9 Final
  • 10:05AM - 10:15AM: Nutrition
  • 10:25AM - 12:40AM: Period 4/10 Final
  • 12:40PM - 1:10PM: Lunch

Thursday, January 26, 2017 (Finals Schedule)

  • 7:50AM - 10:05AM: Period 5 Final
  • 10:05AM - 10:15AM: Nutrition
  • 10:25AM - 12:40AM: Period 6 Final
  • 12:40PM - 1:10PM: Lunch

Friday, January 27, 2017 (Regular Schedule/GOLD)

  • Fall Semester Ends

Monday, January 30, 2017 (Alpha/Minimum Day Schedule/GREEN)

  • Spring Semester Begins

Alpha: 7:50AM - 8:00AM
Period 1: 8:10AM - 8:45AM
Nutrition: 8:45AM - 8:55AM
Period 2: 9:05AM - 9:40AM
Period 3: 9:50AM - 10:25AM
Period 4: 10:35AM - 11:10AM
Period 5: 11:20AM - 11:55AM
Period 6: 12:05PM - 12:40PM
Lunch: 12:40PM - 1:10PM

Alpha: 7:50AM - 8:00AM
Period 1: 8:10AM - 8:45AM
Nutrition: 8:45AM - 8:55AM
Period 8: 9:05AM - 10:05AM
Period 10: 10:15AM - 11:10AM
Period 5: 11:20AM - 11:55AM
Period 6: 12:05PM - 12:40PM
Lunch: 12:40PM - 1:10PM

It All Happens At Poly

Poly News


If you have not registered to take the CSULB Ethnic Studies, but you are still interested, you are in luck.  The registration deadline has been extended for the spring semester.  This class is offered free to Long Beach Unified 11th and 12th grade students and invited 10th graders.  The class sessions will be held at each of the comprehensive high schools:  Cabrillo, Jordan, Lakewood, Millikan, Poly and Wilson.  All classes will be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.  Classes will begin on Feb. 4 and continue until May 13, 2017.   Attendance is extremely important in this college class.   If you are unable to attend more than 90 percent of the class sessions, you might reconsider registering for this class, as your grade will be negatively affected by absences.


Enrollment is limited to 70 students per school.  If there are more than 70 students interested per site, students will be randomly selected to participate, with 12th graders given priority.  Students who are not selected will be offered a space at another site where space is available or placed on a waiting list for the fall semester (11th graders only).


If you are interested in being considered for the spring semester CSULB Ethnic Studies class please complete the registration form.


The deadline to complete the registration form will be extended until Sunday, Jan. 29.  There are spaces available at Cabrillo, Jordan, Lakewood, Millikan, Poly and Wilson.


Please note that all notifications for the class will be sent through email.  Please check your email periodically.  Also check your spam/junk email folder, in case it is directed to that folder.


If you have any questions about the program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions sheet.  If you need further assistance, please contact Ms.Ortega at the



I have created a Quizlet group for all students in our class feel free to join and add up any thing that you would feel is helpful to study with. Currently Ethan has been making APUSH quizlets for the quizzes and I'll be adding those along with English Vocab and any thing else we can think of. It is called "Long Beach Poly Pace 2019"

go check it out.


Zack Snyder


Show up in room 915 to receive help on any math topic you need explained. Also you may get help with homework and preparation for a test.


CORE Survey 2016-17

Survey Window January 17th - February 28th 

Student Link Code: Student ID# 

Parent Link approx 5 min

Staff Link 

Parents & Staff: You will receive a weekly email reminder from Panorama at 6:00 AM on Thursdays. In this email is an embedded unique link to take the survey. Once you have completed the survey through this link the email reminders will stop.

Need help?

Call the National Suicide Hotline 24 hours a day!

(800) 784-2433


Poly counselors are available at:

(562) 591-0581, Ext. 5121

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Today: 1/22/17

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Poly Students - Make a Wish!

Do you have a wish? We will be your genie in a bottle! Student Commission will grant one wish a month. Wishes should be honest and attainable. Please submit a Make a Wish proposal 

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